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NBA 2012-13: San Antonio Spurs: 36-11

El base francés Tony Parker consiguió 31 puntos con lo que los Spurs de San Antonio lograron su octava victoria seguida al vencer por 108-99 a los Suns de Phoenix.

Parker jugó 31 minutos y encestó 13 de 17 tiros de campo para los Spurs (36-11), líderes de la División Suroeste, que han ganado 16 partidos consecutivos en su campo, el AT&T Center, en San Antonio.

El escolta argentino Manu Ginóbili también brilló en el ataque de los Spurs al aportar 20 puntos, mientras que el ala-pívot brasileño Tiago Splitter logró 13 y el pívot francés Boris Diaw aportó 11 tantos.

Manu Ginóbili jugó 22 minutos, encestó 5 de 9 tiros de campo, incluidos 2 de 5 triples, 8 de 10 desde la línea de personal, logró tres rebotes, entregó dos asistencias, y recuperó tres balones. Mientras que Scola no tuvo una buena participación, aportando siete puntos, más cuatro rebotes e igual cantidad de pases-gol sobre 33 minutos.

Splitter, que jugó 30 minutos como titular, anotó 5 de 11 tiros de campo, 3 de 4 de personal, logró ocho rebotes y entregó una asistencia.

Los Spurs jugaron sin Tim Duncan, lesionado de la rodilla derecha, y sin el entrenador Gregg Popovich, enfermo, por tercer partido consecutivo.

Los Suns (15-29) tuvieron como líder al alero reserva Michael Beasley, que aportó 25 tantos, seis rebotes y dos asistencias, mientras que el escolta-alero Jared Dudley logró 23 tantos.

El escolta P.J. Tucker aportó un doble-doble de 11 tantos y 10 rebotes, su mejor marca como profesional, pero tampoco impidieron la derrota de los Suns, que rompieron racha de dos triunfos consecutivos, que habían conseguido desde que se hizo cargo como entrenador interino, Lindsey Hunter.

El ala-pívot argentino Luis Scola no tuvo su mejor inspiración encestadora al conseguir sólo siete puntos (3-10, 0-0, 1-2), cuatro rebotes, cuatro asistencias y recuperar dos balones.

El escolta reserva Shannon Brown de los Suns golpeó de forma intencionada durante una jugada a Ginóbili, quien en la misma acción también chocó con el cuerpo del ala-pívot reserva Markieff Morris.
Brown fue expulsado cuando restaban 31.4 segundos para el final del tercer cuarto.

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SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- It's easy to see why Tony Parker is headed to another All-Star game.

Parker had 31 points and seven assists, and the San Antonio Spurs earned their eighth consecutive win by shutting down the Phoenix Suns in the final quarter for a 108-99 victory on Saturday night.

''He is unbelievable,'' said teammate Manu Ginobili, who had 20 points. ''I cannot say he became a fourth-quarter finisher this year because of how he played last year, especially in the first two months. But he is in that point of his career where he is so confident. He is doing so good that he can relax a little bit in the first half then when we need him, he starts making those jumpers and takes over.''

Tiago Splitter had 13 points and Boris Diaw finished with 11 for San Antonio (36-11), which has won 16 in a row at home.

Michael Beasley had 25 points and Jared Dudley scored 23 for the Suns (15-29), who lost for the first time since coach Lindsey Hunter took over.

''He's their best player,'' Dudley said of Parker. ''He's their best offensive threat. He knows their offense. If they don't have him, I know the Spurs are always good, but they can't win without him.''

Playing without Tim Duncan (sore knee) and coach Gregg Popovich (illness) for a third consecutive game, the Spurs needed a clutch performance from Parker in the fourth and he stepped up again.

Showing no ill effects from a blow to the head by Elton Brand that required three stitches during a 113-107 victory at Dallas on Friday night, Parker had 11 points and five assists as San Antonio outscored Phoenix 27-17 in the fourth, forcing six turnovers in the period. The speedy point guard finished 13 for 17 from the field and only had three turnovers in 34 minutes.

The Spurs turned up their defensive pressure in the final period, forcing three turnovers and three missed shots while building a 96-88 lead with 6:21 remaining. Parker had four points and an assist in the 7-0 run, including racing down the court for a layup after stepping in front of a pass by Markieff Morris.

''Over the last few years it is becoming my team and coach Pop is always challenging me to become the franchise player who closes games and makes good decisions with the ball offensively for myself and my teammates,'' Parker said. ''I always take to heart Pop's challenges.''

San Antonio grabbed control after Ginobili was knocked down by Shannon Brown with 31.4 seconds left in the third, leading to a flagrant foul and an ejection.

Brown struck Ginobili violently across the side of the head as he attempted to recover defensively after getting beat off the dribble. Ginobili also was undercut by Morris almost simultaneously, leading to loud jeers by the crowd. The ejection shocked Brown, who watched mouth agape as the foul was replayed on the video screen.

''I saw a clear path and I thought I was going to go to lay it up and then I felt that hit in the head and I did not know what happened,'' Ginobili said. ''I knew it was a flagrant foul, but I did not see what the player was doing.''

The play invigorated Ginobili, who had two steals and a 3 to bridge the third and fourth quarters and tie the game at 84.

Hunter refused to blame the foul for Phoenix's struggles in the fourth.

''We talk about being a no-excuse organization and that's no excuse,'' he said. ''We're not at that level right now, but I can tell you this, it won't be long before we are.''

Just as it did in Wednesday's 106-102 victory over New Orleans, San Antonio struggled early.

The Spurs missed their first three shots while failing to score in the first 3 minutes. After Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard each missed a 3, Parker scored on a layup after Goran Dragic fell while attempting to backpedal defensively.

The basket sparked the Spurs, who made their next 10 attempts in a 22-13 run. Parker scored 10 points during the run, including a layup that put San Antonio up 22-19 with 4 minutes left.

Beasley scored 10 points in the second quarter, including six during an 11-6 surge that put Phoenix ahead 49-48 with 4:21 left in the half.

''They have history,'' Beasley said. ''They just know how to win. The same guys have been here for the last hundred years. They know how to play with each other. They've won titles on top of titles. We've got to be able to take care of the ball, at the very least get a shot.''

NOTES: Duncan has sat out four games this season after missing eight during last year's strike-shortened season. ... Suns F Channing Frye (enlarged heart) remains out indefinitely. Frye has not played this season. ... The Spurs swept the season series against the Suns last season, winning the four games by an average of 8.5 points. ... Phoenix general manager Lance Blanks spent five seasons in San Antonio's front office, ascending to director of scouting before joining the Suns.

NBA Expanded Standings - 2012-13

Eastern Conference

10 PTS
VS. -
1Miami 2812.700-4-215-612-1016-24-0
2New York 2615.6342 ½6-315-49-1017-50-1
3Chicago 2617.6053 ½5-29-68-1218-53-1
4Brooklyn 2618.59145-312-107-1519-33-0
5Indiana 2618.59143-510-99-1317-52-1
6Atlanta 2518.5814 ½3-29-710-1115-74-0
7Milwaukee 2319.54863-18-129-1014-91-1
8Boston 2023.4659 ½2-49-1510-1610-73-4
Philadelphia 1825.41911 ½3-15-136-1612-92-1
Detroit 1627.37213 ½3-69-125-1811-90-3
Toronto 1628.364143-68-113-1813-101-5
Orlando 1428.333151-66-95-159-130-3
Cleveland 1332.28917 ½4-73-156-197-130-1
Washington 1131.262183-64-97-184-130-5
Charlotte 1132.25618 ½5-52-163-208-123-1

Western Conference

10 PTS
VS. -
1Oklahoma City 3410.773 ½2-323-214-720-34-1
2San Antonio 3611.766-4-218-316-1020-13-1
3LA Clippers 3213.71132-220-516-916-40-1
4Memphis 2814.6675 ½2-317-615-1113-33-1
5Golden State 2617.60583-28-913-1113-61-2
6Denver 2718.60084-413-614-1113-73-0
7Utah 2420.54510 ½5-38-126-1418-62-0
8Houston 2422.52211 ½2-214-1010-1414-80-3
Portland 2221.512127-36-1010-1012-115-1
LA Lakers 1825.419162-413-99-199-61-0
Dallas 1825.419162-46-135-1713-81-8
Minnesota 1724.415162-48-118-169-81-0
Sacramento 1629.356195-15-206-2010-90-2
Phoenix 1529.34119 ½4-58-126-209-91-2
New Orleans 1429.326204-24-136-238-61-3

Un jugador de Phoenix fue expulsado por pegarle un manotazo Ginóbili, que luego terminó con 20 puntos ante el equipo Scola y acompañó a Parker en la victoria por 108-99, la octava victoria al hilo de los Spurs.

Se terminaba el tercer cuarto, Manu Ginóbili encaró hacia el aro con decisión y Shannon Brown lo sacudió con un manotazo en la cabeza, mandando al bahiense al piso. Los árbitros no dudaron en expulsar al hombre de los Suns por su violenta acción. Se fue al vestuario mientras los hinchas de los Spurs lo abucheaban por haber golpeado a uno de sus ídolos. Esa jugada calentó al 20, que después clavó siete puntos y resultó clave con su energía, para que el equipo lo diera vuelta en el último cuarto. Al final le ganaron 108-99 a Phoenix, sumaron la octava victoria al hilo, llegaron a 16 consecutivas en San Antonio y con 36-11 se mantuvieron segundos en el Oeste.

Manu hizo 20 puntos (3-4 dobles, 2-5 triples y 8-10 libres) desde el banco. Además, en sus 22 minutos en cancha, robó tres pelotas y agarró tres rebotes. Fue el mejor acompañante de Tony Parker, que terminó como goleador con 31 y explotó en el parcial de 10-0 en el último cuarto. Los Spurs no contaron con el lesionado Tim Duncan ni con el enfermo Gregg Popovich pero pudieron estirar su racha. Phoenix tuvo a Luis Scola durante 33 minutos: siete puntos (3-10 dobles más 1-2 libres), cuatro rebotes, cuatro asistencias y dos robos. Llevaba dos victorias desde el debut de Lindsey Hunter como técnico, pero perdió 27-17 el último cuarto y quedó penúltimo en la conferencia con 15-29.


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